The Nesstar Software Development Kit (SDK) supports the development of client applications for the Nesstar system.


nesstar.api The core classes of the Nesstar API.
nesstar.api.acu Objects used to represent Access Control concepts (User, Project, etc.).
nesstar.api.common Domain independent Nesstar objects.
nesstar.api.cosmos Cosmos Model Objects and Cosmos Use Cases Support.
nesstar.api.dais Outdated Health Canada model objects.
nesstar.api.faster Nesstar version 2 objects (Dataset, Variable, CategoryStatistics, etc.).
nesstar.api.hc Health Canada model objects.
nesstar.client Support classes for Nesstar clients.
nesstar.example Examples of nesstar client code.
nesstar.javadoc Javadoc Taglets used in the Nesstar documentation.
nesstar.rdf The RDF to Java Mapper.
nesstar.test The Nesstar Test suite is a set of tests used to check the correctness, robustness and performance of Nesstar Servers and Nesstar API releases.
nesstar.webclient This is the test implementation of the webclients


The Nesstar Software Development Kit (SDK) supports the development of client applications for the Nesstar system.

The Nesstar Software Development Kit (SDK) contains:

What versions of Java are supported?

The SDK is compatible with Java 1.3.X and Java 1.4.X.

Installing the SDK

The SDK is distributed as a single zip file:

The distribution contains the following Nesstar jars:

Name Contents
nesstar_api.jar Basic API code plus proxy classes for all the supported models.
Test suite (not included in this release)

And the following supporting libraries:

Name Contents
commons-httpclient.jar Jakarta HttpClient
commons-logging.jar Jakarta Logging
commons-io.jar Jakarta IO
datax.jar DATAX RDF parser (in the future this will  be replaced by automatically generated parsing code and/or the Jena parser)
parser.jar Sun SAX Parser (the API can be configured to use a different SAX compliant parser)
Nesstar API Jars for Java 1.3+

Both the Nesstar and the supporting libraries will need to be in your client application classpath.

If you using Java 1.3 rather than 1.4+ and you want to access Nesstar objects through HTTPS you will also need:

Name Function
jsse.jar SSL Support
jnet.jar Support library for jsse.jar
Additional Nesstar API Jars for Java 1.3 only

Sample source code is in the src directory.

For the Cosmos API documentation click here.


Nesstar SDK

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