Package nesstar.rdf

The RDF to Java Mapper.


Interface Summary
RDFObj An RDF Object.

Class Summary
NSMethod An RDF Method.
NSParameter A parameter of a method
ParameterComparator Order parameters by range/name so to produce a fixed 'canonical' ordering.
PropertyBinding A relation between a property and one or more values.
RDFBag A Bag of RDF objects.
RDFClass An RDF Class.
RDFDB A repository for RDF objects.
RDFList A list of RDF objects.
RDFObjComparator Order RDFObjects by ID
RDFObject A basic implementation of RDFObj.
RDFProperty A property of an RDF object.
RDFRef A generic reference.
StringRef A reference to a String.
URLRef A reference to an RDF resource (an URL).

Package nesstar.rdf Description

The RDF to Java Mapper.

Nesstar SDK

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